My Necropolis

by Murderous Vision



The act of writing, recording and compiling tracks for My Necropolis began after returning from a successful tour with The Vomit Arsonist and Apocryphos, in June of 2015. Since that time, many things have been cut, reworked and reworked again. The end result is just over an hour of Dark Ambient, Industrial and Neo-Classical work, that is reminiscent of albums like Life's Blood Death's Embrace and Frozen In Morphia. Featuring some great contributions from guests Amanda Howland (Dead Peasant Insurance, Fascist Insect), Wyatt Howland (Skin Graft), Matt Hunzeker (Of Earth and Sun), Tom Orange (Lost Head, Vengeance Space Quartet) Steve Lull (Dead Corporate Eyes, Vengeance Space Quartet), Headstone Brigade and Rob Rosin. A hard copy version may surface at some point next year. Rather than wait that long, creating the album took long enough, it is now being offered digitally for a low price.

Recorded from November 2015 until March 2017 at Spirits in the Trees, Fairport Harbor, Ohio.
Murderous Vision is Stephen Petrus.
Guest Appearances by;
Matthew Hunzeker- Bone Horns on “Without Presence” and "Immolation/Separation".
Wyatt Howland- Electronics on “Fire Rabbit“.
Amanda Howland- Vocals and Lyrics on “Fire Rabbit“.
Tom Orange- Vocals and Lyrics on "Immolation/Separation".
Steve Lull- Samples and Guitar on “Without Presence”.
Headstone Brigade- Accordion and Vocals on "My Necropolis".
Rob Rosin- Vocals and Lyrics on "A Wing Broken at the Edge of the Sky".

My Necropolis is dedicated to the memory of Steve Dickenson.


released May 8, 2017




Murderous Vision Painesville, Ohio

Murderous Vision is the solo project of Stephen Petrus. Murderous Vision’s style ranges from dark ambient to death industrial to martial industrial and neoclassical music. Murderous Vision has released close to a dozen albums and has been featured on several compilations and has had releases done on several industrial and ambient labels, most notably Petrus’ label Live Bait Recording Foundation. ... more

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