To Know How It Will End

by Murderous Vision



Originally released in June 2015 in an edition of 50 copies, by Danvers State Recordings.
Written, Recorded and Mastered From December 2014 until April 2015 at Spirits in the Trees, Fairport Harbor Ohio.
Murderous Vision is Stephen Petrus.
Vocals and lyrics on "Turpentine Blood" by Amanda Howland.
All other lyrics by Stephen Petrus.
Festival ov Sekhmet was originally featured on the compilation "Minneapolis Industrial-Noise Festival 2015" on the Maniacal Hatred label. It is included here as a bonus track.


released June 16, 2015




Murderous Vision Painesville, Ohio

Murderous Vision is the solo project of Stephen Petrus. Murderous Vision’s style ranges from dark ambient to death industrial to martial industrial and neoclassical music. Murderous Vision has released close to a dozen albums and has been featured on several compilations and has had releases done on several industrial and ambient labels, most notably Petrus’ label Live Bait Recording Foundation. ... more

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Track Name: Resentment Has Won
On Every Level
You Will Implode
A Road To Hell
Paved With Desired Invention
These Cloaks Hang Heavy
These Cloaks Pull You Down
Peel Away All Layers Of Flesh
Until Only Bone Remains
Cast Into Circles Of Ash
And Smoldering Flame
Loose Control Of All Body Function
Lost Control Of Heart Rhythm
Spiraled Depravity
And Lust Contrition
As Hearts Stray, Only Fire Remains
Disgust Builds
Like Vomit On Tongue
All Is Now Lost
Resentment Has Won
Track Name: Tides
It's Lurking Behind Your Terror
In The Cold, Wind Whipped Steel
You Call Your Bed
An Implant Thought
Into The Forefront
Makes It's Way
The Blithering Weakling
Melted Under Rock…
A Callout For Salvation
A Craven Manifestation
Fills Your Withered Heart
Cowering From What's Beyond
Shaking And Fluttering
Throughout Existence
No Spiritual Replenishment
Make Brightest On The Outside
That Which Is Blackest Inside
Now Closer
Not Closer
A Welted Hide
The Blood In Tides...